Eric Bana: The Australian Shows “Full Frontal’ And “Eric’

Before starring in big-budget films like “Hulk,’ “Munich’ and “Star Trek’, Eric Bana was busy making a name for himself on Australian TV. He began his show business career in 1991 as a comedian while still working as a barman. Producers of “Full Frontal’, the sketch comedy show, noticed Eric and in 1993 he was hired as a writer and performer. Spending four years on “Full Frontal’, Eric gained notoriety by creating some of the show-s most popular characters. Peter (pronounced “Poida’), a stand-in TV host with a blond mullet, was arguably Eric-s best-received character; in fact, many viewers thought Peter was “Full Frontal-s’ best character overall. Eric-s other characters included The Invisible Man, (a man so overdressed in military camouflage that no one notices him in daily life) and Eddie, a migrant from Eastern Europe with the catchphrase, “It-s a complete shemozzle (a mess).’ Eric-s impressions of Sylvester Stallone, Tom Cruise and Columbo also won over audiences.

His success on “Full Frontal’ yielded a comedy album in 1994 called “Out of Bounds’. Two years later, Eric served as host of his own TV special entitled “Eric’, which focused on sketches involving everyday people. It was the first of four one-hour specials. Later re-formatted in 1997 to accommodate a half-hour time slot, the program was re-christened, “The Eric Bana Show’. Written and performed by the host, “The Eric Bana Show’ aired weekly and featured Eric-s stand-up act as well as sketches and celebrity guests. Unfortunately, the mix of comedy and talk attracted anemic ratings and was cancelled after only eight episodes. Despite the cancellation, the show earned Eric a Logie Award for “Most Popular Comedy Personality’. The ending of that show proved to be the beginning of Eric-s film career. 1997 saw his film debut in “The Castle’. “Chopper’ soon followed, and you likely know the story from there! Eric’s next film, “Blackbird’, premieres in 2012.