The Mental Illness Fellowship And Eric Bana

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Before starring in big-budget films like “Hulk,” “Munich” and “Star Trek”, Eric Bana was busy making a name for himself on Australian TV. He began his show business career in 1991 as a comedian while still working as a barman. Producers of “Full Frontal”, the sketch comedy show, noticed Eric and in 1993 he was hired as a writer and performer. Spending four years on “Full Frontal”, Eric gained notoriety by creating some of the show’s most popular characters. Peter (pronounced “Poida”), a stand-in TV host (Read on …)

Bana Helps Keep Youth Off The Street

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When it comes to Australian soap opera stars, Eric Bana is one name that tends to stand out among the others in this day in age. After all, not only has he become extremely popular as a compelling soap opera actor, but he has even broken into the mainstream film industry with his amazing acting talents. However, what has really gotten him a lot of well-deserved media attention in recent months actually has nothing to do with his career as an actor. Instead, this media (Read on …)

Who Are Eric Bana’s Family Members?

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Self-professed family man, Australian actor Eric Bana, continues to make family his number one priority. While currently filming the tentatively titled Jerry Bruckheimer movie “Beware The Night”, Bana is keeping his immediate family close by. That would include his wife of 16 years, Rebecca Gleeson and their two children, 13-year-old Klaus, and 10-year-old Sophia. Rebecca, a former publicist for one of Australia’s biggest television network, is the daughter of one-time Australian Chief Justice, Murray Gleeson.

Eric’s strong family values can be traced back to his upbringing in (Read on …)

Eric Bana’s 2007 Targa Tasmania Crash

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Actor and car racing enthusiast Eric Bana bought and lovingly restored a 1974 Ford Coupe that he called The Beast when he was just 15 years old. In 2007, Bana made his second attempt to run Tasmania’s Targa Rally in the outright classic division, while simultaneously filming a documentary about the experience. Bana and his co-driver Tony Ramunno were doing well after several days of competition and started the fourth day in 53rd place overall out of 115 cars.

The Beast and its crew did not make it to the final stage of the competition, however, due to a mishap 16 miles into the 23-mile Cethana run. Bana lost control of The Beast on a dry section of the run and veered off into a tree, damaging the car badly enough to take it out of the event. Both driver and co-driver came out of the wreck shaken but uninjured, and Bana appeared just days later at a red carpet event promoting an unrelated movie. The car had undergone a two year-long overhaul in preparation for the rally and was severely damaged in the impact. As damaged as the car was, however, Bana’s love for The Beast saved it from the scrap yard. He set to work soon afterwards repairing and restoring the vehicle.

Motor Racing Enthusiast And Participant, Eric Bana

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Australian actor Eric Bana has had a love of fast cars dating back to his early teens. Bana bought and restored his first muscle car at the age of 15, a 1974 Falcon Coupe he named the Beast. His interest in muscle cars apparently stems from the 1979 film “Mad Max” starring Mel Gibson, which features a ’73 Ford Falcon. He still owns the Beast today and has actively participated in the Targa Rally in Tasmania, using the car both in 1996 and 2007. The most recent foray into the event was actually the subject of a self-made documentary called “Love the Beast.” The event did not go well for Bana as he managed to run the Beast into a tree in the later stages of the five day event. Luckily, both he and his co-driver walked away from the accident.

Eric Bana serves as the perfect example of how success in an unrelated field can provide the freedom to pursue a personal passion. The actor’s love of speed and racing has led to him taking part in both car and motorcycle racing events all over the world. In addition to competing, he has given his patronage to various racing teams. Even if Bana is not racing at the event he can still often be found visiting high status racing teams in various international competitions including Formula GP and Le Mans endurance events.

How Eric Bana Gets Ripped To Hulk Out

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Eric Bana is an actor who has featured in a lot of movies. The most common one is the Hulk. Because of his talent in acting, there are many producers who have been impressed by his performance. This is the reason why he is found in a lot of places.
Because of the good talent that he has, the chances of him playing the part was high. Through the acting experience he has it has been easy for him to get the chance to play the part. Every actor is usually paid in every movie they have performed in. The thing the makes him accepted by a lot of producers is because he does not charge a lot of cash.
There are usually different factors that come in the market, and most of them are not as talented as he is. Because of he has been in a lot of different kinds of movies, he is quite talented and this makes it even easier for producers to go for him.
Eric Bana hopes to retire and enjoy their retirement days at home. Their families and take part in travelling and other activities that may interest them. They hope to start adventurous trips all over the world and may be inspire the young. They live to tell stories of their youth, the benefits of acting and any affiliated advantages.

From Eric Banadinovich To Eric Bana

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Eric Bana was born Eric Banadinovic in Melbourne, Victoria on August 9, 1968. He is the younger of two children and is of Croatian decent on his father’s side. His father worked as a logistics manager for Caterpillar Inc and his mother was of German decent and a hairdresser. Eric grew up in the suburban area of Tullamarine, which is on the western edge of the city near the airport. Eric has been vocal about his upbringing and said that his family suffered from racial taunts and it still distresses him to this day.
Eric Bana showed promise as an actor early in life by performing impressions of family members as early as 6 and 7 years old. He started by mimicking his grandfather’s distinctive walk, voice and mannerisms and quickly moved on to mimicking teachers which frequently got him in trouble. As a teen he decided he first wanted to become an actor after seeing the Mel Gibson movie, Mad Max. He did not act upon this instinct until 1991 when some friends persuaded him to try standup comedy while working as a bartender at Melbourne’s Castle Hotel.
Eric Bana made his TV debut in 1993 on the late night talk show: Steve Vizard’s Tonight Live. He gained attention from producers of the sketch comedy show, Full Frontal and was invited to join as a writer and performer. Eric worked on the show for 4 years and based some of his most memorable characters on well known celebrities such as Columbo, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Cruise. In 1997 he received a Logie Award for “Most Popular Comedy Personality” for his work on the show.
Despite his penchant for comedic roles Bana has also found success in more dramatic films such as Copper (2000), Black Hawk Down (2001), the low budget film, The Nugget (2002), Troy (2004) and most recently The Time Travelers Wife (2009). Eric Bana continues to find success in the acting world and has numerous projects in the horizon.

The Best Bana Blockbusters

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Wish you could find more Bana on your channels? Well, odds are you just don’t know where to look – he’s been in quite a few movies! Here are a few of our favorites that we catch rerunning from time to time
Munich: Okay, so odds are you’ve seen this one already but it’s arguably Bana’s best work and it’s constantly playing on many of the premium channels. It’s Oscar nominated and Eric is a good part of the reason why – it’s worth a second (or third or fourth) watch.
Star Trek: Who would have guessed Eric Bana would shine in post-apocalyptic future movies? Star Trek is a cultural classic and he does it justice – there’s nothing wrong with Eric Bana in a space suit either and if that’s not enough of a reason to watch we’ve got two words: William Shatner.
Hanna: It’s one of his most recent works and he’s just as great as an action star as he is a serious actor, as it turns out. This one’s not for the faint of heart and it’s not for kids, either.

What Is The “Hulk” Doing In “Funny People”?

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American audiences may best know Eric Bana as the good-looking action hero of “Troy” and “Hulk” so his role in Judd Apatow’s “Funny People” alongside a slew of former stand-up stars may have come as a surprise. Yet, in his native Australia, Bana first came to fame as a comedian. As a youngster in Melbourne, he entertained his classmates with comic impressions of Mel Gibson as “Mad Max” before becoming a professional stand-up in the early 1990s (Read on …)

The Voices Of Eric Bana: His Work In Animated Films

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Eric Bana had fame as an actor in Australia before coming to the United States to make his mark on american television and movies. He began his career in the land down under in the comedy series “Full Frontal’ in 1993. He then went on to super stardom by scoring a role in the 2000 Australian film, “biopic Chopper’. Bana then hit the hollywood scene with avengence and gained recognition in the 2001 Hollywood blockbuster, “Black Hawk Down’ where (Read on …)

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